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Vivian Green a woman that has a lot of life to live. Enduring pain from her childhood she comes out swinging for sexual gratification and acceptance from every man that comes her way. How does she get it? Well, Vivian has a sexual urge that needs to be pleased. She uses her charm, class and wit to get what she wants, or should I say whom she wants. Living in Atlanta, Georgia, Vivian is just like every other normal college girl until she meets the one man that she loves, Julius.  While dating Julius she starts to have relations with another man, this is just like Vivian, having her cake and eating it too. Graduating college and now moving to North Carolina, Vivian is ready for law school. While in law school, she still acquires an itch that needs to be scratched so she meets another applicant to fulfill the job requirements, one that her beau knows too well.

Julian and Julius

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